Litigation and Arbitration

The Firm as a wide experience in the Litigation area.

NGA lawyers are qualified to represent its clients and to represent them in court in all jurisdictions and in multiple areas.

Civil Litigation

Within Civil Litigation, the Company has been developing its activity in legal actions relating to, namely contractual liability – arising both from civil and commercial contracts – and extra-contractual liability.

Commercial Litigation

At the level of Commercial Litigation, we have the necessary skills to meet any need from our clients within commercial and corporate litigation regarding, namely, annulment of corporate resolutions, accountability, appointment and resignation of corporate bodies.

Within Civil Litigation, we also provide legal assistance to private individuals, in Family Law and Inheritance Law, always seeking to provide a top-quality and prestigious full legal service.

Employment Litigation

Employment litigation is one of the most relevant activities within the Employment department.

Our lawyers’ participation and court representation in proceedings involving labour disputes gives them the practical experience and contact necessary for an adequate protection, always expedite and effective, of our Clients’ interests in these matters.

We have, namely, represented labour disputes related with the termination of employment relationships by any of the legally admissible means, accompanying our Clients in all procedural stages.

Criminal and Administrative Offences

The Firm’s activity in this scope comprises all types of sanctioning processes, particularly highlighting Economic Criminal Law and Tax Criminal Law (where we may emphasise the tax embezzlement crimes, Social Security’s embezzlement crimes, among others).

We have also been actively involved in criminality regarding new fields, such as environment, markets or communications.

We provide legal assistance throughout all stages of criminal and administrative offences proceedings, aiming the guarantee of our Clients’ rights and defence.

Administrative and Tax Litigation

The Firm’s activity comprises all areas of Administrative and Tax Justice.

In a subjectivist Public law, where oversight of the legally protected rights and interests of people are constitutionally guaranteed, the Firm has a wide experience in all administrative procedural forms.

In the representation of public and private entities, we have advised on, among others, challenging of administrative acts, civil liability actions, conviction actions for the performance of due administrative acts, actions regarding contracts, summons and precautionary orders.

As regards Tax Law, we represent any type of tax procedure or process (complaints, judicial challenging, tax enforcement processes, among others), both before Tax Administration and courts.

The Firm is also actively involved in arbitration in administrative matters, particularly, regarding public contracts, concessions and expropriations and, more recently, also tax arbitration.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

NGA has the necessary skills to represent its Clients in arbitration proceedings, including mandatory and voluntary arbitrations, institutional or ad hoc, both national and international. Services rendered within the scope of arbitration comprise, namely:

Drafting of arbitration agreement (arbitration bond and arbitration clause);

Arbitration rules;

Challenging of arbitral award (annulment and appeals);

Enforcement of arbitration award.

Other departments: