Mobility and Transports

NGA has the necessary skills to render full advising to its clients within the area of Transports Law.

NGA provides assistance in the negotiation and entering into of any contract of use of a ship, such as the freight contract and shipping contract, advising on all negotiable stages and structuring shipping and/or freighting operations where other transport players intervene, such as forwarding agents and shipping agents or cases of multimodal transport.

Particularly, NGA has a large experience within the field of Shipping Law, specifically in:

Legal disputes;


Seizure of ships or any other protective orders over the cargo;

Credit collection and labour, criminal and administrative illegal processes, related with shipping activities;

Processes where P&I Clubs intervene.

Furthermore, NGA is been actively involved in several areas, such as shipping insurances, limitation of liability, collisions and all type of accidents or shipping incidents, rescue, pollution, removal of remains, purchase and sale of ships, registration of ships, mortgages over ships, gross averages.

Other departments: