IT, Privacy & Data Protection and Cybersecurity

Due to the increased globalisation and advent of new challenges of the digital area, it became urgent the need to give a response to the companies’ demands, with the provision of specialised legal services in information technologies and in digital businesses. In the path of innovation, the Firm has been developing its activity in several operations involving technologies, such as in technical assistance agreements, supply of hardware, outsourcing operations and software contracts.

The Firm is also active in the e-commerce area, namely regarding e-commerce platforms and internet domains. The team is composed of lawyers with broad expertise in the negotiation of contracts between operators, such as sharing of infrastructures and, also, in the drafting of agreements between operators and clients regarding access to the internet, roaming contracts, among others.


The team is qualified to advise on several operations, such as: execution of customised compliance programs; definition of rules and procedures regarding personal data processing within the scope of human resources management, definition of policies regarding data preservation terms; preparation of privacy policies and personal data protection, including rules and internal regulations and compliance programs both for public and private entities; management of the relationship with the relevant Supervisory Authority in Portugal (CNPD), drafting and revision of contractual conditions applicable to personal data processing; drafting and adaptation to the General Data Protection Regulation.


New problems require new legal solutions.

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