Intellectual Property

Currently in a world where Innovation constitutes one of the main factors of growth and development, Intellectual Property undertakes a key role in the protection of corporate and artistic innovations.


NGA has been developing its activity within intellectual property, namely on all matters involving copyrights, rights of image, entertainment, patents, brands, designs and models, e-commerce and advertising. The expertise in several sectors such as media, information technology, e-commerce, pharmaceutical, tourism and real-estate, among others enable the provision of a service suitable to all our clients’ needs.


The Firm’s activity is focused on assisting its clients on issues involving the acquisition and maintenance of intellectual property rights as well as the compliance and protection of the same in the event of infringement. Throughout our history we have drafted licensing and cooperation agreements, advising on the execution of contracts and management of intellectual and industrial rights, without disregarding registration requirements related with brands, industrial designs, protection of patents and copyrights.


NGA also actively represents its clients in legal proceedings involving intellectual property rights and, within such scope, mainly focusing on patent litigation. This way ensuring a higher closeness with our clients’ businesses reality. Furthermore, NGA works with well-known experts that strengthen the technical quality to be provided to the client.

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