Employment Law and Social Security

NGA’s employment team has been a strategic partner in companies’ management of human resources, assessing in the normal development of their activity and in the litigious stage.

NGA has also been rendering employment assistance also within the scope of M&A transactions, of restructuring, namely upon collective dismissals.

Employment Law

Within the scope of Employment Law, we highlight the continuous legal advice provided by the Firm to companies and respective Human Resources services or departments.

The Firm follows-up, in a continuous form, disciplinary procedures and renders assistance in collective dismissals and extinction of workplaces, as well as in all type of restructurings linked to human resources and analysis and definition of the best remuneration schemes according to companies’ policies and needs.

Our team also renders services regarding administrative offences within the employment scope both from a perspective of preventive consultancy and litigation.

NGA has also carried out several employment auditing.

Employment Litigation

Employment Litigation is one of the most relevant activities within the Employment Department.

Our lawyers’ participation and court representation in proceedings involving labour disputes gives them the practical experience and contact necessary for an adequate protection, always expedite and effective, of our Clients’ interests in these matters.

We have represented, namely, proceedings related with termination of employment relationships by any of the legally established means, rendering assistance to our Clients throughout all procedural stages.

Collective Negotiation

In collective employment, NGA has been developing a strong activity in the drafting, negotiation, making and execution of collective agreements.

The Firm has also a wide experience in court representation in disputes arising from collective labour regulation instruments, both within the scope of litigation and alternative dispute resolution.

Social Security

The Firm has been providing, in this scope, legal assistance on matters such as support to contracting, negotiation and drafting of pension plans.

We also highlight the legal assistance provided in administrative procedures of liquidation and collection of contributions and administrative offences proceedings.

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