Credit recovery

NGA Lawyers rely on a highly specialised team with a large experience in the management of Litigation and Credit Recovery processes, which constitutes one of the most active areas of our firm.

We provide assistance, on a regularly basis, to Credit Institutions, Financial Companies, Investment Funds, Insurance Companies and Telecommunication companies, and in order to ensure high-levels of quality, response and efficiency, NGA fosters the training and continuous development of its professionals, that intervene in all procedural stages – declarative or enforcement – guaranteeing exceptional rates of credit recovery.

Lawyers integrating the Litigation and Credit Recovery department regularly participate in the resolution of disputes arising from Leasing, Factoring, Renting, Confirming transactions, Support to Exportation, Credit to Consumption, Mortgage Credit, asset financing, whether in a pre-judicial and judicial component.

Additionally and acknowledging the importance of ensuring a constant updating of the relevant information for its Clients, namely regarding the follow-up, in volume, of credit portfolios in default, NGA lawyers developed an integrated platform/system of credit recovery that also places at the disposal of the Clients.

The platform developed is perfectly suitable to the business needs enabling, this way, to correspond to all requests that may be submitted, such as:

Remote access by the client;

Follow-up of the judicial running of proceedings of every nature;

Systematic updating of the portfolio status and implementation of warning systems;

Automatization of all types of reports;

Activity reports, recovered values, costs of the on-going processes;

Detailed invoicing, digital and electronically certified;

The tool developed enables to ensure significative gains of efficiency in the analysis of the portfolio under management, the exponential increase of the levels of reply/productivity in the procedural running, the increase of the credit recovery values and the reductions of the associated costs.

NGA Lawyers have also been actively involved in Credit Purchase and Sale or Assignment of Credits transactions, advising whether the purchaser or the seller, in all stages of the procedure, from the execution of the necessary due diligences, contractual drafting and, finally, in the Servicing or in the management of the credits acquired / assigned.

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