Criminal, Administrative Offences and Compliance

The Criminal, Administrative Offences and Compliance practice area of NGA advises its clients (private individuals, public bodies or companies) across the whole spectrum of Criminal Law.

We rely on a strong experience in the full range of these areas highlighting economic and financial crimes – including tax crimes – namely, money laundering, economic participation in business, harmful management, corruption, embezzlement and cybercrimes, crimes related with the exercise of public functions, particularly from holders of political or public positions, among others within such scope and, also, those included within criminal liability of physicians or breach of security rules, without excluding representation of that subjects before the respective professional associations and oversight entities.

Also within the scope of administrative offences, the criminal practice area works with multidisciplinary teams working in other practice areas of the Firm, enabling it to ensure an actual representation of its clients in administrative offences proceedings submitted by the relevant regulatory authorities.

Our expertise and multidisciplinarity also allow us to offer preventive legal services aimed to provide our clients with compliance programmes that enable the elimination or mitigation of risks of legal and regulatory non-compliances.

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